Amir Hooshang Soleymani Amir Hooshang Soleymani

Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Photographer

• Twenty (20) plus years of direct applied Practical ‎experience in commercial graphics and advertisement ‎adding measurable values through my professional ‎services to my National as well as International clients or ‎better say my “business Partners”. ‎ • Initiating, creating concepts and ideas, Copywriting, ‎Photography, Illustration, Design and Project Technical ‎Management. ‎ • Although Most of my resume is focused on print media ‎but I have completed abundant Digital, Web, Video as ‎well as animation projects • As an educator, I initially worked for a variety of ‎individuals, educational and vocational institutions plus ‎Recently I have initiated and started a national online ‎design education studio. ‎ I have held the following positions: ‎ • Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. ‎ • Executive Manager of Rafsanjan weekly. ‎ • Technical supervisor and Head of Graphic team in ‎Hamshahri advertisement organization. ‎ • Graphic Consultant & Supervisor in NIOC (Ekteshf va toolid ‎Magazine) and 17th. ‎ • Senior Designer of 5 international Oil & Energy ‎exhibitions.‎


Digital Photography
Print media
Web Design
Video Processing

Software Skills

Adobe Creative Suite

Work Experience

Ertebatat Rasaneh Ara

Senior Graphic Designer at Ertebat Rasaneh Ara
Tehran, Iran
Recent projects on Ertebatat Rasaneh Ara


University of Art, Tehran

Graphic Design
Master's Degree

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  • Tehran, Iran
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