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Amir Hooshang Soleymani

Amir Hooshang Soleymani

Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Photographer

• Twenty (20) plus years of direct applied Practical ‎experience in commercial graphics and advertisement ‎adding measurable values through my professional ‎services to my National as well as International clients or ‎better say my “business Partners”. ‎ • Initiating, creating concepts and ideas, Copywriting, ‎Photography, Illustration, Design and Project Technical ‎Management. ‎ • Although Most of my resume is focused on print media ‎but I have completed abundant Digital, Web, Video as ‎well as animation projects • As an educator, I initially worked for a variety of ‎individuals, educational and vocational institutions plus ‎Recently I have initiated and started a national online ‎design education studio. ‎ I have held the following positions: ‎ • Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. ‎ • Executive Manager of Rafsanjan weekly. ‎ • Technical supervisor and Head of Graphic team in ‎Hamshahri advertisement organization. ‎ • Graphic Consultant & Supervisor in NIOC (Ekteshf va toolid ‎Magazine) and 17th. ‎ • Senior Designer of 5 international Oil & Energy ‎exhibitions.‎


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Digital Photography
  • Print media
  • office
  • Web Design
  • Video Processing
  • 3dsmax

Work Experience


  • University of Art, Tehran

    January 2008 to January 2010
    Master's Degree, Graphic Design


  • Military Service

  • Relationship status


Contact Info

  • Current City

    Tehran, Iran
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  • Mobile

    98912183 ⬤ ⬤ ⬤ ⬤
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Updated on 2021 December 12th