Ali Ghazvineh Ali Ghazvineh


Flight Operation

Language Skills


Software Skills

Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office

Work Experience

Mahan Air

Flight Attendant
Tehran, Iran
I do my best to provide excellent customer service to passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety throughout the flight.
I trained to deal with security and emergency situations that may arise and can administer first aid to passengers.
I will ensure that all emergency equipment is in working order prior to take off and that there are enough supplies.
I also help passengers to board the plane.
And in the flight I can serve meals and gifts according to MAHAN AIR manuals.

Fara Saze Dej Kavan

Quality assurance
Tehran, Iran
Main activity of the company : Construction
I reported to the CEO.
My job was preparing the central office for getting the ISO 9001 but just for the Requirements, also the center office has lots of problems in routine processes so first of all I identified all the main processes and secondary processes; after that I began some reforms in them...

Emen Ista Electric

Production planning
Eshtehard, Iran
Main activity of the company: Manufacturing
I reported to the CEO and Planning Manager.
My job began's from the first activity for production and end's with the last one. I was
ordering raw material and planning for the production presses after that I planned for the
assembly line(how many of each product customers need or ordered)...


Islamic Azad Unversity

Industrial Engineering
Grade A


  • Outstanding student

    from Graduation ceremony


  • English Diploma

    from Ertebatat Language Group
    from 2013 Jan
  • Boeing 747 300,400 Type

    from Mahan Air
  • Airbus 340 Family Type

    from Mahan Air
  • Airbus 300,310 Family Type

    from Mahan Air
  • Bae 146 Type

    from Mahan Air

Life achievements

  • Military Service


Social Media

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  • Tehran, Iran
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