Mohsen Heidari Mohsen Heidari

System, Product & User experience Director

I am interested in technology and active in designing user experience and artificial intelligence. The dream is to make people's lives better and to prevent damage to our home (the planet). I would love to learn from nature.


System Design
UX Design
UI Design
Software Design
Object Oriented Design
Content Strategy
Content Marketing
Business Strategy
Business Analysis
Business Planning
Product Design
Product Management
Mobile Design
Marketing Plan
Market Research
Marketing Strategy
Design Thinking
Artificial Intelligence

Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop
adobe Illustrator
Trello project management platform
Adobe XD
Office Softwares

Work Experience


User Experience Director
Tehran, Iran
At Ostadkar, we’re building more than a product. We're trying to rebuild our society base on empathy and trust.
as a “Business designers take juicy, creative, human-centered innovation and make it succeed out there in the real world. We use strategy, analysis, and financial modeling as generative design tools and help organizations turn their biggest, wildest ideas into businesses with long-term viability.”

● understanding the business and the competition
● a human-centered approach to innovation
● applies the principles and practices of design to help organizations create new value and new forms of competitive advantage
● integration of customer empathy, experience design, and business strategy.
● providing industry perspectives
● designing experiments for prototyping
● measuring the results of those experiments

Intelligent World Saar Processing

Founder, Product Manager & Designer
Founder - A startup business in Healthcare

Co-founder - A startup business in News See less

Asre Toseeye Arian (inkarnet)

Co-founder, Product and User Experience Designer

Sepehre Asia Design And Build Company

IT Manager

Special Units

Senior Designer
Tehran, Iran
Design Emergency Police System


Shiraz Islamic Azad University

Artificial Intelligence
Master's degree

University of Pishtazan Shiraz

Computer Software Engineering
Bachelor's degree

Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz (Jundi Shapur)

Computer Software Engineering
Associate's degree

Life achievements

  • Military Service


  • Marriage status


Social Media

Contact Info

  • Tehran, Iran
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