Masih Sadri Masih Sadri

Product Designer

I am a user experience designer, working primarily on products’ significance and interface to create a pleasurable experience for targeted users. My notable characteristic is a penchant to interact with individuals and companies to know their users well. Discovering users’ behaviors, hidden needs, and barriers are my interest. Now, mix this with finding the right solution by employing problem-solving methods; such a delicious cake! I have worked on-site and remotely on projects for various brands, agencies, startups, and charities to improve their products. User experience and problem-solving are central to everything I do. I am intensively enthusiastic about working with creative teams and finding challenging opportunities. (Here or abroad) You can be in touch with me: +98 912 565 4675 — Regards


User Centered Design
Usability Testing
Agile - Scrum Methodology
Material Design
User Interface Design
3D Modeling
User Research
Micro Interaction Design
iOS Development

Language Skills

Persian language
English language
Deutsch language

Software Skills

Microsoft Office
Adobe XD
Adobe After Effect
Git Version Control System

Work Experience

MCI (Hamrah Aval) - Setare Aval

Product Designer
Tehran, Iran
Setare Aval is a most revenue-generating department at the major Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran. We are working on great projects that provide services for millions of users.

My responsibilities and achievements:

✓ Improving user engagement and gain new subscribers due to: (at "1To1" project)
- Improving the "referral sharing" service based on gamification approaches
- Designing an innovative campaign directed at targeted users.

✓ User Research: Discovering users' behavior, needs, and barriers thanks to various methods such as interviewing, observation, and desk research

✓ Design: Defining userflow and delivering wireframes + UI flows to the development team

✓ Test: Increasing the ease of use of products by preparing prototypes, conducting usability tests, and analyzing the obtained results.

✓ Managing design team boards and being a mentor to trainees
Recent projects on MCI (Hamrah Aval) - Setare Aval


Product Designer (UX/UI/3D)

Rahnema College (Boot Camp)

UX Designer Intern
Tehran, Iran
Rahnama college is a social responsibility project that discovers and trains highly skilled persons for the market. After months of studying hard, I was among the 2.4% of people nominated by the committee to pass the Bootcamp.

Teamyar ERP

iOS Developer
Karaj, Iran
Teamyar is an Enterprise Resource Planning system that brings integrity and convenience to various businesses.

My responsibilities and achievements:

✓ Enhancing code architecture by employing standard design patterns, which improves app performance up to 60 percent.

✓ Maintaining the project, providing documents, and keeping versions' state by using Git and SVN. It helps to find the root cause of issues conveniently.

✓ Testing development features that had been created by other developers and document the issues.

✓ Collaborating with the head of the UX team.

Tiara UX Agency

Assistant Project Manager and QC Eng.
Tehran, Iran
Tiara works exclusively in the fields of user experience, creating online products and user-based software.

My Responsibilities:

✓ Co-operating with stakeholders (Huawei, Tecnotree, and MTNI departments) at many levels to ordinate their demands

✓ Keeping control of the project's backlog, tracking the progress, and holding the sprint planning sessions

✓ Managing the LenzIPTV cross-disciplinary product team

✓ Checking products quality, reporting issues, and providing delivery reports
Some techs I worked with:
✓ Methods: Agile management by Scrum and Kanban
✓ Tools: Jira, Trello, MS Project
✓ Charts: Burndown and Burn Up Chart, Gantt chart, etc
Recent projects on Tiara UX Agency

Compulsory Service

Assistant of Logistics Manager
My responsibilities:
✓ Controlling the availability of warehouses by applying FIFO and LIFO methods according to the type of goods
✓ Clearancing goods from warehouses
✓ Providing weekly, monthly and seasonal reports of resource status
✓ Introducing the agent for logistics meetings
✓ Preparing and summarizing the minutes

Banaei Iron Trading Firm

Project Manager
Yazd, Iran
Setting up an "Iron Trading Firm" and its storages


Payam Noor university

Project Management Eng.
Bachelor of Science
✓ Teaching Assistant, Approved by the head of Science Committee, E. Rajabi, Ph.D.
✓ Member of Civil Engineering and Project Management scientific Society


High School Diploma
Nodet: National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents,


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