Setare Aval (MCI) - Masih Sadri

Setare Aval (MCI)

June 2018 Until now

Setare Aval is a department of the major mobile operator, which is also the most significant internet provider across the whole country. At our company, we are working on a great application that provides various services for millions of users.
My responsibilities:

✓ Increasing the «registration to installation» rate from 11 percent to 63 percent by implementing the right solution for being untrustable by users.
✓ Improving the purchase rate by 2.3 percent due to changing the CTA button and its place.
✓ Taking part in the redesign project.
✓ Improve user engagement and Introduce a massive amount of new subscribers to the application due to:
- revolutionary changes on "invite friends" service based on gamification methods.
- Design an innovative campaign considered targeted users.
✓ Managing team backlogs, holding daily standup meetings, and controlling the scrum board thanks to my background in project management.

Resume Masih Sadri Masih Sadri Product Designer


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