Muvic App - Masih Sadri

Muvic App

August 2018 - December 2018

In this project, there were lots of challenges. The first one was locating the massive amount of data consisting of many types in a few pages (Information Architecture). Another subject was conducting users to contents considering the meticulous rules which I have always had.
Like all of my previous designs, this app has no filter/sort page (!), and subscribers are conducted to what they like conveniently. Also, pages are not too long to caused missing data from the eyes. Moreover, it is deeply concerned that touchable parts be not far from users.
Besides not interrupting the regular interface’s flow, It has been important to me to not cut the eyes' flow on the screen while moving from one page to another one. To achieve this, no popUp is used, and instead of that, simple buttons are real attractive elements by handling many tasks; 1. Trigger an action, 2. Use as a loading/waiting bar to represent that something is processing, and 3. show error messages on them or the current state on them for a short while.
All in all, it has been tried to create a drastic user-friendly app for all type of users by considering many many points. I hope you enjoy it.

Muvic App - Masih Sadri - Muvic App
Muvic App
Muvic App - Masih Sadri - User Flow in Muvic App
User Flow in Muvic App


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