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Arya Aghaei

Arya Aghaei

Agile Software Developer

Contact Info

About me

I'm a front-end developer with more than 5 years of experience. Mostly I worked in agile software development environments, collaborating with other departments to ensure a top-quality product that meets clients’ needs or business requirements is always produced.


  • Html and CSS
  • jQuery
  • Java Script
  • Bootstrap
  • Material Design
  • SASS
  • English knowledgment
  • Chrome Extensions
  • React JS SSR and CSR
  • Jss
  • Material UI react
  • TFS
  • Git
  • React Native
  • React Redux
  • YouTrack
  • Javascript-ES6
  • JSX
  • Recharts
  • English
  • Persian
  • React force graph
  • C# Programming
  • Jenkins
  • SonarQube
  • D3.js
  • EntityFramework
  • C Programing
  • Python
  • Sql Server
  • Java
  • German

Work Experience

  • Huawei Technologies

    June 2018 Until now
    DevOps Engineer
    Utilized by Javascript, React/Reduct, React Native, and C#, python, my most applications and automation systems have been developed so far. The mentioned skills were utilized by my job experience at Huawei Technologies, where I participated in more than 12 world-class web and mobile app projects. I'm not nevertheless able to disclose the details of the projects I participated in Huawei, as I must respect the confidentiality policies of that organization as I have committed.
  • Eligasht

    Tehran, Iran
    February 2018 to May 2018
    Software Development Expert
    Two Javascript libraries, a datepicker and a custom auto complete library, as well as multiple telegram robots were implemented, with respect to the position of the software programing specialist.
  • 7sang Group

    Tehran, Iran
    June 2016 to February 2018
    Front end developer
    A number of 7 web applications were designed and developed; as playing the role of a semi-full stack developer, using C# and ASP.NET for backend and employing front-end languages and frameworks, the projects were fulfilled as they approached their success rates.
  • Shaar

    Tehran, Iran
    June 2015 to March 2016
    Front end developer
    As the responsible body for developing the Taxiiran UI project, I optimized my skills in HTML5 and CSS3 development along with C# and Javascript as a fresh developer.
  • IpLadona

    Tehran, Iran
    January 2014 to February 2016
    Network technician
    Employed as the passive technician for Tabriz Bureau Data Center, National Elite Foundation and Social Insurance, my skills in campus cabling and troubleshooting were developed for being a successful participant of the Passive Network Implementation team.


  • West Tehran Islamic Azad University

    September 2013 to July 2017
    BS, software engineering
  • Alavi Institute

    December 2011 to December 2012
    Diploma, Mathematics and Physics


  • Military Service

  • Award

    Outstanding delivery support team award
    from Huawei TSC DevOps team
  • Certificate

    React State, Redux & Context & Hooks, Oh My CodeMash_certificate of completion
    from PluralSight
    • No. 4127
    from April 2020
  • Certificate

    React Hooks_Certificate of completion
    from PluralSight
    • No. 4127
    from April 2020
  • Certificate

    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript_The Big Picture Certificate of Completion
    from PluralSight
    • No. 4127
    from April 2020
  • Certificate

    PrePosition Competence Certification for Maintenance service (Partner)
    from Huawei Technologies
    • No. SG020102401807638491449
    from June 2019 to June 2021
  • Certificate

    Cyber security certification
    from Huawei Technologies
  • Certificate

    Python beginner
    from Huawei Technologies
  • Certificate

    Network + certification
    from MFT - Technical Complex Tehran
  • Certificate

    Android programming certification
    from Laitec - Sharif University of Tehran
Updated on 2021 March 13th