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Atbox helps you make an online resume easily and share your portfolio. We know how exhausting and time consuming could be to make a presentation of your portfolio, we know how much it could waste your time to make a proper resume and we respect the value of your time. So we came with a solution and named it Atbox and we are proud to see how amazing it became.
For us, there is nothing more important than your data safety. Securing your data is our duty and sure your privacy matters to us, we'll make sure of your privacy and will never let anyone abuse your information.
All of these are not enough if you can't access your data everywhere and always. The good news is you'll access your resume and your portfolio anywhere, you can give your profiles URL to anyone and they will find the latest version of your resume and portfolio easily. There is also a PDF version of your resume which anyone can download. We will also try our best to promote your Atbox resume to the top of search results, so finding your resume on the internet will be as fast as a simple search on search engines. Isn't it awesome?


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