Bardia Rastin Bardia Rastin

Full Stack Software Developer at Reyhoon

Experienced Software developer working with React, React Native, Node.js & Electron. Good team player and a self-learner, worked in different companies on variety of projects including web, mobile and desktop apps development. interested in playing with bleeding edge tech and open source enthusiast.


React Native

Work Experience


Full Stack Software Developer
Tehran, Iran
At Reyhoon I joined to tech team in size of 10 to 12 Software Developers as a Full Stack Software Developer.

- As Maintainer of Merchant App (Electron application written mainly using React for managing orders as a restaurant merchant):
-- Did a huge work on performance tuning such as
migrating heavy tasks to separate processes, optimizing react components, Adding cache for printer, etc.
-- Added a lot of useful features and fixed a lot of bugs such as voice otp login, multiple restaurant branch support, AnyDesk portable software to ship along side Electron app and launch by a simple button press for restaurant care employees in order to easily connect to Restaurants and fix their issues remotely, etc.

- As Maintainer of Reyhoon Orders Panel (Written using React, Redux, I worked on different parts and added handy features and supported for new back-end features.

- Worked on new Reyhoon Mobile app
- Worked on Reyhoon Electron App


Front End Developer
Tehran, Iran
At HipoTrip (Hami Andisheh As official company name) I joined to Front-End team in size of 4 to 6 of highly experienced developers.
- Mainly I developed a lot of parts of main website with tools such as React, Redux, Node Js (express as server rendering tool), Webpack, Grunt, Sass, etc.
- Developed an admin panel for backend developers.


Front End Developer
- Developed Ghasedak24 File Manager Front End using Angular 2 from scratch.
- Developed Ghasedak24 admin panel using Angular 2 from scratch.
- Developed an accounting software front-end using Vue.js 2 from scratch.


Tehran, Iran
As a Freelancer I worked on a lot of different projects using Wordpress, javascript, php, html, css and other tools to deliver good projects to clients.

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  • Tehran, Iran
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