Hamid Faraji Hamid Faraji

Greedy Learner, Software Developer

I've started learning about software engineering and software development in 2007, but from 2010 started developing software and website as the main job. In the first steps, I designed simple websites and web apps. I'm trying to improve my programming and computer science skills. Currently, My focus is on Front-End Development.


Front-end Development
Hybrid App Development
Back-end Development
Database Design
Software Architecture

Language Skills


Software Skills

Gulp - Webpack
Javascript - ES6
React Native
AngularJS 1.x
Phonegap - Electron
Laravel - Lumen
Typescript TS
Jest - Mocha
React Testing Lib - Enzyme
Python - Django

Work Experience


Front-End Engineer
Tehran, Iran
- Cloud storage platform for personal and enterprise usage
-- Developed a Library called Galaxy to handles all of shared logic and libs (redux stores, function helpers, etc) used in all of the front-end projects.
-- Developed Web app with React with Galaxy
-- Developed Mobile app with React Native with Galaxy
-- Developed a tool to send changes of Galaxy to all projects in developing time
-- Cooperate in S3 Management project write in node.js and nest.js with a mono-repo flow with Lerna


Front-End Developer
Tehran, Iran
- Online digital goods marketplace like Envato
-- Built a Modular architecture that handles all of 3 parts of the project (site, sellers panel, and admin panel) in a single project with shared parts
-- Developed 3 Parts of the project with React, Redux, Saga, and Next.js

Faraz CRS

Part-time Front-End Developer
Tehran, Iran
- Sub company of Iran Tourism Bank
-- Developed project with React, Redux, and Razzle for SSR
-- Developed mobile app with Phonegap (Embedded PWA)
-- Hotel Manager (Channel Manager) project with Angular 7


Full Stack Developer
Tehran, Iran
- Urban and public-transport guide like Trafi or CityMapper
-- We worked on a PWA that includes a list of stations and a trip planner.
-- Developed some parts of a trip planner service with Python and graph algorithms.

Radcom co

Front-End Engineer
Tehran, Iran
- Web Design & Web Development Company
-- Developed a lot of Javascript (pure js) modules for custom cms of the company called Sampa
-- Built a custom framework called Phoenix with React Native for mobile app projects
-- Developed admin dashboard of custom cms with angular js
-- Developed main websites of company,,

Freelancing and Part Time

UI Designer, Web Developer
Tehran, Iran
- Freelance Web Designer & Software Developer
-- Designed & Developed tens of projects for companies and government organizations in both back-end & front-end fields with (PHP, JQuery, Angular, etc...)
-- Part-time cooperation with two company in web design

Atrian Web

PHP Developer
Tehran, Iran
- Web Design & Digital Advertising agency
-- Developed some WordPress themes with HTML, CSS, JS.
-- Developed some PHP & WordPress plugins.


University of Science & Culture

Software Enginnering

University of Eyvankey

Software Enginnering
Associate Degree

Sh. Karimi Highschool

Computer & IT

Presentations and lectures

    • Future of web apps and mobile web - 2th Future of web and mobile conf ( )
    • Progressive web apps - Coder Confg
    • Hybrid apps Why and How - Geekups Conf ( )
    • Developing websites with focus on mobile accessibility - 3th International Conference on Web Research
    • Open Web Platform Importance - 3th Future of web and mobile conf
    • Web of Things workshop - 4th International Conference on Web Research
  • Awards

    • Winner of UXAward -

      from Iran Usability Day

    Social Media

    Contact Info

    • Tehran, Iran
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