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Kamyar Rad

Kamyar Rad

Product Designer

Contact Info

About me

I love facilitating processes, experiencing new challenges, and learning about them. In fact, the learning path for me is like the adventurous path of a climber who wants to conquer the peaks one after another. Also, I love cheesecake. Caffeine is my drug and I believe in Aliens.


  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • CSS3
  • foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML 5
  • Wordpress
  • User Interface Design
  • User Interface
  • Web Standards
  • Web Design
  • Microsoft Office
  • Podcasting
  • Content Marketing
  • Content Production
  • Art Director
  • Wordpress Theme
  • Photoshop
  • Web Applications
  • Brand Identity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Negotiation
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe Audition
  • zeplin
  • Keynote
  • Pages
  • Java Script
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Digital Marketing
  • Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • English languge
  • adobe Illustrator
  • Axure RP
  • Drupal

Work Experience

  • Tehran, Iran
    October 2019 Until now
  • Asiatech

    Tehran, Iran
    September 2018 to June 2019
    UI Engineer
    As a user interface (UI) engineer i design ( user experience and user interface) and develops the front end of these.
    I did the redesign of Asiatech E-CARE's interface and development. I've designed the Asiatech app user interface and user experience. My latest work on Asiatech was SSO's interface design and development.
  • Solico Group

    تهران, Iran
    May 2016 to July 2016
    UI Engineer
    An hourly work to design a landing page and campaigns.
  • Atitel Co

    Tehran, Iran
    November 2015 to May 2016
    UI Designer
    As a user interface designer at Atitel, my most prominent job was designing and developing a Ayandeh Bank Portal.
    I used my design skills for IranianNet Ecare, Shahrad Shabakie, Ayandeh Bank E-Bank Dashboard and MobinNet.
  • Rad Afzar

    قائم‌شهر, Iran
    March 2006 to September 2015
    Senior UI Designer
  • Bazar Danaei Advertising and marketing consultancy

    Sari, Iran
    April 2013 to November 2013
    UI Consultant
    I worked as a digital design consultant for companies and businesses that worked with BDA Agency. As a designer of the interface, I have designed most of the work for industrial companies.
  • Pouya Web

    Tehran, Iran
    March 2011 to February 2013
    UI Designer
    A half-time job for user interface design. The design for the Merinos of Turkey, the Delta Heath of London and ... has been one of my work.
  • MZN Information Technology Development Center

    Qaemshahr, Iran
    May 2010 to April 2012
    Web Designer
    As a web designer, I've developed a variety of projects. Most of these projects have been web sites.
  • Shaygan Graphic Advertising agency

    Qaemshahr, Iran
    February 2010 to January 2011
    Web Designer
    In this advertising agency, I also advised clients and designed website for them.
  • Asatir Rayaneh Software and hardware engineering

    Qaemshahr, Iran
    January 2009 to December 2009
    Web Designer
    I was first employed as a trainee, and a few months later I was added to the technical team as a website designer.
  • Kara Electronics

    Qaemshahr, Iran
    January 2006 to December 2008
    Web Designer
    I was in the hardware department first and then I went to the software department for some more new experiences. From here I chose website design as a job.


  • Islamic Azad University

    December 2011
    Bachelor’s Degree, Information Technology
  • Shahid Saadati High school

    December 2010 to December 2011
    Diploma, Mathematics and physics


  • Military Service

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