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Atbox - Payment Terms

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Atbox is generally a free service but it also provides premium services to users. Premium services may be granted as gifts or paid by the user and in both cases, user will receive the premium service as promised.

1. The Product

THe product is the premium plan that you purchase. Premium services will be purchased from the website, by a registered user. We guarantee to provide the premium service the exact time user purchases the premium plan. We alseo guarantee the premium features to be exactly what we introduced before the purchase.

2. The payment

Atbox may use third-party gateways in order to provide the purchase solution for users. The third-party gateway may log your purchase and information. Atbox is not in charge of the information that may be collected by the gateway. In order to provide a secure purchase, we use trusted gateways but you are free to not use a gateway if you do not trust it.

The payment may not be available in all countries but we try to make it possible for you to pay from anywhere.

3. The security

The payment information will be encrypted and transferred via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

4. Processing errors

We will attempt to fix processing errors we discover.

Atbox uses third-party gateways, in case of any problem, You must contact the gateway service provider which you used.

  • In case your purchase was not successful and your card balance didn't change, please try again.
  • In case your purchase was not successful and your card recorded a successful payment, please wait 48 hours to see if there is a redeem or not.

5. Chargebacks

Atbox guarantees to provide the promised services. In case of unpredicted events that may cause premium service disruption for more than a week, Atbox guarantees to chargeback your account.

6. Taxes

Taxes are included in the price you see and you may not pay more than the promised price.

7. Termination of suspended users

Atbox may terminate the payed services for banned/suspended accounts. In case of violating the terms of service, user's premium services may be terminated (just like the free service) until the unsuspension.

8. Authorization

We consider the account user as the ownder of the account. We can't help it if some one else was using your account and made a purchase for your account. We can't also help it if some one else had access to your payment information and purchased a premium service for their account.


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