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Atbox - Terms of service

You can either read this on Atbox or Github

Atbox is a social network and using this service will be considered your agreement to the terms of service, so it's wiser to read the following terms at least once.

You're in charge of your content

Each user is responsible for their content. You are in charge of words, images aovided by Atbox nd files you create. Atbox is not responsible for the verity of user content, plagiarism, abuse or copyright violation; this means the each user is completely in charge of their behaviour and content.

It's not our responsibility if anyone abuse the content provided by Atox users. Every user on Atbox is able to manage thier privacy settings, Users can choose if their profile is public or private. Private users are able to choose to accept or ignore people who want to follow them, so when you permit someone to see your profile, it's not Atbox's responsibility if they abuse your personal data and you should contact them to resolve the issue.

We will protect your information

We don't expose our user content to anyone. Each user will only access the data that the owner of data provide access to them, otherwise there is no way for other users to access the information. Users can set their profile to private mode and only their followers would access their content. No third-parties (including business partners, corporations, marketers) would access to particular content.

Note: In legal cases, Atbox is forced to provide the access to some particular data for legal authorities.

Please read Privacy Policy to make sure you exactly know how Atbox protects your information.

Avoid illegal and inappropriate content

Atbox follows the rules and constitution of Iran, so any published content on Atbox must be under Iran's provisions. If any piece of user content get report against the country law, Atbox will have rights to warn the user to remove or change the inappropriate content. By detecting inappropriate content, the content owner may be known as violating. Atbox has rights to ban the violating user even without warnings. Banned accounts may be reopened again if the illegal content get fixed.

It's forbidden to publish illegal or inappropriate content on Atbox, There are no exceptions and we will take action certainly. Generally, every inappropriate content and any of the following cases are forbidden and must be avoided.

    • Insulting, ridiculing or blackmailing people, races, ethnicities or countries anyway
    • Insulting or joking about politicians, celebrities, organisations
    • Erotic content, Linking to websites with any kind of erotic or sexual content
    • Sexual related content or any direct/indirect mentions to sexual content
    • Learning, forcing or promoting any illegal actions like contraband, drugs, steal, rape, fraud, etc.
    • Impersonation: using names, identities or pictures of others.
    • Publishing other people's information, images or data
    • Copying or publishing other people's content under your own name
    • Leaking people's information
    • Sending advertisemnet to users
    • Annoying or disturbing users
    • Insulting identities
    • Software abuse, Copyright infringement
    • Hacking, Cracking, Fishing or Stealing data in any way
    • Spamming, Bulk emails, Bulk SMS or any related content
    • Misusing of content, words or images, Publishing duplicate content.
    • Any other cases which may harm the website or it's profits, even if it's not listed here.

Use atbox in a good way

Abusing the website resources is forbidden. When we find out a user is wasting the website resources by uploading files, sending unusual requests to the server or hurting the website in any other way, we have rights to take action and remove/change the inappropriate content or suspend the user.

Owners of suspended accounts may contact us in terms of unsuspension.

The services are permanent

Every services provided by Atbox may always be available to users. Free services will never get premium.

In case of technical issues, services may pause a while, but everything gets back online after the maintenances.

Payment Terms

Please read Payment Terms


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