Mahdi Mortazavi Mahdi Mortazavi

I'm a UI/UX Designer

I'm passionate about the product design process. Five years of experience in mobile application interface design And two years of web designing experience .Fluent in responsive design and Google Material Design Standard. Ability to prepare project documentation and Sketch and Wireframe Design. Interactive mockups Productions. Familiar with the user research process and research of competitors. Skills in the production of color palette project and Illustration, Iconography, Typography. Dominating html and css and Familiar with php and bootstrap framework. Familiar with all stages of design and production and development of software projects. Interested in product design jobs


User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Graphic Design
Product Design
Information Architecture

Language Skills

English language

Software Skills

Adobe Experience Design
Adobe Illustrator CC
Adobe Photoshop CC



electrical engineering


  • خدمات نوین مالی و پرداخت

    from فین تک 94
  • استارتاپ ویکند گردشگری گیلان

    from دانشگاه گیلان
  • ماراتن برنامه‌نویسی گردشگری

    from پارک علم و فناوری رشت

Life achievements

  • Military Service


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  • Rasht, Iran
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