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Milad Dehghan

Milad Dehghan

Front-End developer

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About me

Inventive Front-End Developer with 5+ years of experience; with good knowledge of JavaScript/ES6. I worked mostly as a Front-End Developer, but have good experience and passion in UI/UX design. I follow new trends and update myself every day and try making myself and anything I’m working on better.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • SASS
  • VueJS
  • UI Design
  • Reactjs
  • Jest
  • Vue Test Utils
  • typescript

Work Experience

  • Ponisha

    Rasht, Iran
    December 2017 Until now
    Lead Front-End developer
    Ponisha is the largest freelancing platform in Iran and also by far the market leader. As a lead
    front-end developer, I was responsible for the client-side of the web app. To make it work with
    reusable responsive components with modern standards. To work well both in mobile phones
    and desktop.
    Using VueJs as a main framework and SCSS as CSS preprocessor. I was able to create
    reusable components for new features. Some of my tasks also needed a good knowledge of
    backend development (Laravel). I developed a main new feature called "Contests" which is a
    platform for design contests. Also, I was the main developer of the chat platform of Ponisha, a
    real-time chat platform for employers to chat with freelancers through the website and mobile
    application. Using WebSocket and Node JS and MongoDB as a database. I added many new
    features to the chat resulting in better communication and user experience.
    I also changed all API requests from traditional Ajax to ES6 Async functions.
  • Freelancer

    February 2015 to July 2017
    Front-End Developer and UX designer
    I started by Developing by Wordpress. Developing Wordpress themes and plugin.
    I developed tons of responsive mobile-ready websites for my clients from scratch and designing
    modern designs for their needs. I always tried to consider usability and good UX with my designs
    and put the needs of the user first.
    I had also done many front-end projects with agencies. And done the client-side of the project. In
    these projects, I used so many web frameworks including Vue JS, React JS and Next.js.
    I love open source and I believe in the power of the open web so I put some of my usable codes in
    my GitHub and have a plan to do this more often
  • Fekrebekr

    Rasht, Iran
    January 2014 to January 2015
    Front-End developer and UX Designer
    Fekre Bekr Was a design team in Rasht, Iran working on a web app called intended
    to be a resume builder and business communication website (like Linkedin) with a focus on
    Iranian users.
    As a front-end developer, I was responsible for all Client-side of the WebApp. When I joined the
    team the front-end Stack was jQuery and Materialize but trough time I changed many parts of the
    website to work with vanilla js for better performance. I also added SCSS preprocessor to the
    project for productivity and scalability. I optimized all assets and build a workflow using Gulp
    result in significant improvement in the speed of the pages.


  • Ahrar university

    August 2013 to May 2018
    Bachelor's Degree, Software Engineering
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