Automation of intelligent school buffet management - Bahram Rostami

Automation of intelligent school buffet management

May 2017 - August 2017

Possibility to manage buffets in the network
Failure to use a student card by another student
Send SMS for each purchase
Send SMS to increase credit
Add custom message to mails sent
Ability to enable and disable SMS for each student
Complete Reporting
Report a day's purchase
Monthly Purchase Report
Report the percentage of sales of the best month by month
Ability to assign classes to each student
Manage products with categories
Disable product automatically if inventory is completed
Graphical and animated environment for better student communication with software
Run from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with the least hardware feature
The design of the display for each screen (the recommended screen for optimal and better use of the monitor is 19)
Manage Charge Increase for each student
Exclusive SMS panel for free
Possibility to print two copies of the plug
Create infinite product, infinitely categorized and infinite student
Create Daily Purchase Limit for Student Cost Management
Ability to text text up and down the font invoice to any custom text
Change the system settings as desired in the simplest possible way

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  • mysql
  • jQuery
  • PHP



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