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MohamadReza Deylami.

MohamadReza Deylami.

Front-end developer

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About me

I'm a passionate front-end developer, My academic major was Electronics, but as I happened to work with and learn from many professional web designers and programmers, I found out that how much I wanted to work in web development field and I did it. I'm good with people, I like being busy and committed with my work, I have specific goals and I can't wait to start a project when I have an idea and some time. There's a lot of experiences that I want to try and I'm looking forward to work with new creative people.


  • UI Design
  • HTML5 - CSS3
  • Java Script
  • Angular
  • SCSS
  • Responsive Design
  • FireFox Development
  • Nodejs
  • Arabic
  • Adobe XD
  • Bootstrap
  • Express - MongoDB
  • Webpack
  • English
  • Reactjs
  • VueJS

Work Experience

  • Snapp

    Tehran, Iran
    March 2020 Until now
    Front-end developer
    Snapp is the first and leading ride-hailing application in Iran. Our mission is to be the most preferred transportation solution in the country. Now, within 5 years, we are proud to welcome 30 million customers and 1 million drivers to our family. At more than 1 million rides per day, we have also built the largest and fastest growing internet company in the Middle East.
  • Yara Information Technology

    Tehran, Iran
    February 2019 to March 2020
    Front-end developer
    Yara is the Iran’s most active and innovative company in area of virtual money market, online credit/debit payment applications, electronic games and magazines. Yara is the official Reseller of Parsian Bank and Pasargad bank, two of the most major private banks in Iran. Yara distributes Parsianand Pasargad Banks’s gift cards and prepaid credit cards national wide while providing full merchant solution and e-payment gateway for Parsian and Pasargad Banks for domestic and international websites and online portals. Yara is the mobile game and application Producer on several platform like:IPhone,Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile. Yara is the content provider and mobile payment partner of both major mobile operators in iran (first and largest operator “MCI” with more than 40 million users and second mobile operator “MTN Irancell” with 30 million users) . Yara is also in the first game developer company in Iran which partners actively with many international brands.
  • Badr Rayan Jonoob Co

    khouzestan, Iran
    Front-end developer
    Badrrayan is an Iranian Internet Service Provider and a "Large" Local Internet registry based in Khouzestan, Iran.
  • Vira sanat parseh

    khouzestan, Iran
    Front-end developer
    Parts sale and installation of networked systems.


  • Azad University (IAU)

    Electrical and Electronics Engineering


  • Military Service

Updated on 2020 August 23rd