Mohsen Fallahnejad Mohsen Fallahnejad

Front-end, Vue.js | Public Relations Manager at

I try to gain experience and learn different skills in different fields related to the field I work in. That way, both my mind goes out of one-dimensionality and it makes me more creative in my work. Everything in the tech world attracts me and my laptop is my best friend.


Team Management
Team Building
Event Organize
Adobe Photoshop
Graphic Design
Social Media
Public Speaking

Language Skills


Software Skills

Java Script
Github - GitLab

Work Experience


Live Video Talk with companies manager About Somethings of Tech & Design & other....

Lahzino | لحظینو

Public Relations Manager
Rasht, Iran

Sharifs Solutions

Content Designer
Rasht, Iran
راهکارهای شریف

Innovation Station

Content Designer
Rasht, Iran


Head Of Oprations
Bandar Anzali, Iran
Freeland An event in the freelance field hosted by Ponisha.
When it came to the first course of this season in Florida, I joined the team and tried my best to help get things done.
This year, which is the second in a lot of detail in Freeland this year, I'm in charge of the executive team, and after the new kids are added and our team is complete, I have to help the kids move forward and justify every one of them. What can we do to make sure the event is well organized and that each member of the team is in a position to make the best use of his / her abilities and talents and get the best results?
Coordination between executive team members to get things done before the event day and during the event.


Support administrator

Social Media

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