Rahman Mousavian Rahman Mousavian
Rahman Mousavian

Rahman Mousavian

Production Engineer at iflix

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Work Experience

    • iflix

    • Production Engineer

    • As a part of distributed production engineering team at iflix, my main job is divided into two major groups: 1. helping other engineering teams in Malaysia by providing best practices, automating their stuff, coaching them about cutting edge solution. 2. plan, implement and maintain iflix infrastructure in terms of scalability, resiliency and reliability. Hence my day to day tasks include but not limited to: - dealing with AWS services - lots of OS level stuff; mostly on Linux ( debugging, provisioning, patches, ... ) - maintaining Kuberntes as our cloud orchestrtor - monitoring internal services - CI/CD improvements
    • CAMDY

    • Software Engineer

    • At GreatsBooking I had a chance to work for an international company for the first time. As a developer, I helped them to extend their integration with multiple hotel channel manager systems, provide online payment gateway and add many features to their existing booking system such as enhancing search engine, Google Map integrations, and so on. In return, the company and colleagues helped me a lot by supporting me to retrieve my confidence, and encouraged me to set my bars higher and follow my careers.
    • Tiuma

    • Manager

    • Teaching web development (PHP, CSS, JS) Based on MVC
    • Haftsin

    • Web Developer

    • Back-end and Front-end Developer Develop financial web-based system, User Interface Designing, Web Programming, Database Designing.
    • Rahnema Co. (Beep)

    • Web Developer

    • Working on e-commerce systems


    • Universiti Putra Malaysia

    • Master's Degree
    • Network and Communication Engineering

    • Islamic Azad University (IAUN)

    • Bachelor of Science (BS)
    • Computer Software Engineering

    • Dibagaran Tehran

    • Course
    • Java Programming

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