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Mohammad Amin Rasouli

Mohammad Amin Rasouli

Software Developer With Focus On Full Stack Development

About me

Hi, I am Mohammad Amin. I am a software engineer living in Tehran. I am also interested in music, technology, coffee, computer games, and UI / UX.


  • React and NextJs,
  • Javascript,
  • ExpressJs And NestJs,
  • PHP and Laravel,
  • Html and CSS,
  • Git and Github,
  • English language,
  • Linux and Unix,
  • Java,
  • Python and Django,
  • C++

Work Experience

  • Desap Enterprises

    February 2021 Until now
    Full Stack Web Developer
  • Faradadeh

    March 2018 to February 2021
    Full Stack Web Developer


  • Hamadan University of Technology

    September 2019 Until now
    Computer Engineering
  • 17 Shahrivar High School

    September 2016 to May 2019
    Mathematical Physics
Updated on 2021 October 1st