Atbox Pages 🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Frequently Asked Questions

👶 I'm new to Atbox

So, What is Atbox about?

Atbox is community of experts; helping you to create a perfect resume, publish your portfolio and connect your audience.

How can I begin?

Let's begin with a few goods:
Register for Atbox and keep answering the questions
Create a project so everyone can see your portfolio
Find your colleagues to get their latest updates
Discover new job opportunities based on your skillset

So, what's with the "160 seconds?""

Atbox is so easy to use, you can create a standard resume in 160 seconds! All you need to do is choosing a resume template, answerig some questions about your work life and that's it. your resume is ready to publish or download.

How does Atbox help me?

Everybody need an online profile to develop thier work life. Atbox helps you easily make an online profile, which includes your standard resume and your awesome portfolio. All it takes is completing your resume information once, then you can share it with any one or you can download the pdf version of your print-ready resume.

What is a resume?

Resume is a document to present yourself. A quick review on what you did, what skills you have and where you studied at.

How is a "resume" useful to me?

Resume is an essential to present yourself on your work field.
Resume is the prefessional way to present yourself to your employers and your clients. An online resume defines how people find you on Internet and how they get to know you.

I don't know how to make a resume.

That's why we made Atbox. You wont need any knowledge on writing a resume or designing one. Atbox made everything easy since all you need to do is choosing a template and answer some questions. We create your perfect resume in seconds.

Is it necessary to register on Atbox?

Yes, but It's super-easy! You can quickly login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

Is Atbox free?

Yes. Using Atbox is forever free. There are also additional paid features if you want more.

Why is it free? How do you make money then?

Atbox is Freemium. That means Atbox is free to use for everyone, but it has also additional paid features. If you need more resume templates and more features, you can upgrade to Atbox PRO.

What are key diffrences betweet Atbox and others?

Atbox is the one place that connects people and portfolios with companies and jobs.

How can I have a resume if I have no work experience?

You don't necessarily need work experience to have a resume. A

What does Atbox mean?

The At sign (@) is a symobl of communication; "Box" is a container that we put things inside it. "Atbox" is the combination of these two terms. Consider Atbox as a container of all your work related communication.

Who made Atbox?

Meet the Atbox team

Why sould I use Atbox?

Find the answer to this question on Stories page

😊 I just created a profile

Can I change the language?

Yes. At the time, Atbox is available in English and Farsi. We will soon ad more locales.

Should I necessarily complete my profile?

Not necessarily, but consider that every one who visit your profile or see your resume, wants to know more about your experiences and skills.

I spend hours to make a profile on linkedin. I don't want to do that all over again.

Don't you worry. You can easily import your Linkedin resume to Atbox!

Can I have Atbox on my phone?

Yes. Atbox is responsive on all devices including mobile phones and tablets.

How can people see my online resume?

Your online resume has a unique address; something like Share that address with any one so they can see your online resume.

Can I put my resume on my website?

You can connect your domain to Atbox so people may see your profile or resume on your own URL. You can also put a widget of your profile to your website.

What happens if I follow someone?

You can get recent updates from your colleagues and other experts if you follow them on Atbox.

How can I set a profile picture?

Go to the Profile editor and choose a picture for your profile/resume.

I don't have password. How can I login to my account?

Reset your password on Password recovery page

Why my username is numeric? How can I set a username?

Navigate to Settings and set a username. You can only change it once so choose it wisely.

Can people find my resume on Google?

Yes. Make sure you have enough information on your resume and try to get more followers so you may have higher chance of being on Google result's first page when people search for your name. People can't see your information if your profile is private, unless you give them the permission.

How can I edit my information?

On your profile page, click on edit button

How can I download my resume?

On your profile page, click on "Resume list" to see or download your resumes.

How can I change a resume template?

On your profile page, click on "Resume list" to see or your resumes or change their templates.

I changed my username once. How can I change it again?

You can't do that twice but feel free to contact us. We can help you.