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Peyman Eskandari

Peyman Eskandari

Web/Mobile Designer and Full-Stack Web Developer

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About me

Passionate UI Designer and Web Developer, skilled in Front-end and Back-end technologies and UI design softwares. Creates seamless UX and UI with creative but functional designs. Designed 30+ websites and applications, including corporate, e-commerce and personal projects.


  • Farsi
  • Javascript
  • English
  • Vue.js
  • SASS
  • HTML5 - CSS3
  • Gulp.js
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Git
  • Wordpress
  • sketch app
  • adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk 3ds Max

Work Experience

  • YasnaTeam

    Tehran, Iran
    July 2018 Until now
    Senior UI Designer & Front-end Developer
    - Lead Front-End team of 3 to develop YasnaWeb which is a CMS to create multiple projects in various scales.
    - Creating UI Generator which is a tool for making a better and consistent experience for our clients. This tool changed the process of making projects for our clients by options like CLI, new Design System and modular development of the core.
    - Design and Implementing a new Design System to build faster products on clients needs.
    - Product Manager of YasnaTeam's main product called YasnaWeb. I’m making sure that all of the Product Owner's requests are full and well implemented in the system.
  • Freelancer

    August 2012 to July 2018
    UI Designer and Web Developer
    - Created standard themes and plugins for the client with Wordpress.
    - Designed modern user interfaces to cover all of the client's needs with Photoshop and Sketch App.
    - Converted UI to fast and usable HTML, CSS and JavaScript files using Gulp.js and Sass.
    - Created a fast and trusted back-end core with Laravel based on a modular system to build better and useful products.
  • Poostechin ltd

    November 2013 to March 2016
    UI Designer and Web Developer
    - Led a team of 4 to create beautiful websites using Wordpress. I made sure that all of the client needs were provided and the resulting theme was safe, fast and standard.
  • Varseh Publication

    August 2012 to November 2013
    Project Manager
    - Managed a team with 4 to produce over 30 books. I was responsible for full path, from getting the content from the authors to making the book ready for printing.
    - Redesigned cover of over 20 books by designing a new colorful uniform.
  • Varseh Publication

    June 2008 to September 2012
    Advertising Graphic Designer


  • Shomal University

    September 2006 to June 2010
    A.S., Software Engineering


  • Military Service

  • Relationship status

  • Award

    Best comparing prices website
    from Iran Web and Mobile Festival
  • Award

    2nd Place
    from UpLabs World Cup 2018 Challenge
Updated on 2020 March 27th