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Pouria Maleki

Javascript Developer

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I am software engineer with experience in building products from idea to production, managing small teams, and mentoring new developers. I'm an expert in JavaScript, but I learn and use other technologies either for project requirements or just personal curiosity. I'm an active learner, and I love to share my knowledge, which is why I run workshops and hackathons and love to be active on Stackoverflow.


  • Web Development
  • React - React Native
  • NodeJS - JavaScript
  • Software Architecture
  • MongoDB
  • Functional Programming
  • Progressive Web Application
  • QraphQL
  • typescript
  • NestJs
  • Team Leadership
  • UI Design - UX Design
  • Typography
  • Docker

Software Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop

Work Experience

    • IIN Groups

    • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Senior Developer

    • Most of my focus was on "Lernito". Some of my contributions and responsibilities are: - Project proposal and definition - Create Scrum team (Team leader) - Defining development process - Designing app structure - Assist other teams of organization to catch up with new techs by running presentations, workshops, bootcamps and hackathons. - Developer recruitment and training - Performance optimizations We aim to help teachers and students, access all the content and tools they need to learn and communicate, now it's market leader in related learning applications in the market and being used by 10% of total market and it became profitable financially 1 year after public launch. Right now, we are scaling backends, optimizing codes to support more concurrent users. Some techs I've been using: React - NuclearJS (Flux) - LiveScript - NodeJS - MongoDb - Micro services - Web Sockets - PWA - Cordova - Docker - Kubernetes - Amazon Services - Puppeteer - DraftJS - Scrum - Stylus - CSS Modules
    • Recent projects on IIN Groups
    • YOTA Tech

    • Tehran, Iran
    • Technical Director

    • First I started as contract fullstack developer. I made mobile delivery app and an admin dashboard. As marketing team is building up recently, it still not published. I become technical director in our team and we are making an online shop to integrate with our app. I also run some Nodejs bootcamps every week to level everyone on team. Some of techs I've been working with are: React - React-Native - Apollo - Graphql - TypeScript - NodeJS - MongoDb - Docker - Styled Components
    • Arosis

    • Tehran, Iran
    • Technical Director / Co-Founder

    • We started to build POS (point of sell) web app and a device, in software and hardware small teams. We made industry level fast application. React UI is super optimized, very responsive to user actions, we touched every detail in react performance. Comparing to competitors, our application is more than 10X faster in reports, which now it is biggest key point of our app. I made this by: MongoDB Query Optimizations Warehouse cache some popular queries Deep check all React updates - Use ImmutableJS and PureComponents Rightnow marketing team is very active but we have minimized development process since March 2018 to reduce costs. Some of techs I've been working with are: React - Redux - NodeJs - MongoDb - Web Sockets - LiveScript - Docker - CSS Modules
    • Recent projects on Arosis
    • Qanoon Pharmacy

    • Full stack developer

    • Qanoon is an enterprise app for management and point-of-sell in pharmacies. We made new generation of app using modern web technologies. Some of challenges I have faced: Very complex actions should be done in very fast interactive UI. Handle very big amounts of data everywhere. Use local servers in pharmacies, in order to regulations, sync some data with remote servers. Multiple dialog-less prints at a time, to different printers, on web-browser. Back with old version it was second in market, now it's market leader and pharmacies are switching to our app. Some of techs I've been working with are: React - Redux - NodeJs - MongoDb - Web Sockets - LiveScript - Docker - CSS Modules - SQL Server
    • Wikitroop Solution Ltd

    • Rasht, Iran
    • Mobile app developer

    • Wikiseda is community driven music streaming website. (Persian music) I have designed android and iOS applications. The time I started the project I had to make it work on android above 4.0 and iOS 7, they are mostly weak phones, so I had to make optimize code. I did these steps: Create tool to communicate with DOM using strings (like what React Virtual DOM does) to render fast. Managing all touch and click events from one point, to reduce event management overhead in browsers. Contributions to some cordova player plugins, to override HTML Audio. Profile everything after almost each git commit. It was very successful, just got over 100K downloads a month after launch in Google Play. Was top trending for a month in Iran. Some of techs I've been working with are: Vanilla JS - Cordova - Cordova Plugins - iOS - Android - SASS
    • Recent projects on Wikitroop Solution Ltd
    • Pixana Creative Techs

    • Karaj, Iran
    • Developer / Co Founder

    • We made lots of web experimental things, our main focus was on creativity. Target market was advertising companies and later we started full time consultancy with IIN groups. Most of our ideas converted to demos, and later in other startups or organizations we bring them to real world: TheaterJS: The early prototypes of TheaterJS is built there, right now it going on as a startup in Finland by my colleges. Demo of Student center school applications, although it doesn't assure active learning companies in Iran, later suggested by me in IIN Groups and already is a big thing. Demo of electronic medical record application. The idea behind was to collect massive amounts of health data and share them with active medical researchers as we think this might help the world health. This idea is continued by me later by joining Qanoon Pharmacy.
    • Hooshdar Electronic Medicine

    • Karaj, Iran
    • Backend developer, Intern

    • I was intern for PHP Zend framework and scalable software systems.


    • Guilan University

    • BS
    • Software engineering

    • Graduation project: Web based application for students to manage their classes and this kind of stuff with focus on UI, built on MEAN stack.
    • Shahid soltani (nodet)

    • High school
    • Science


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