SafeTeam - محمدامین تقدسی


March 2018 Until now

SafeTeam will help you to reduce your paper work by designing fully customised e-forms. It will provide system transparency and significant enhance productivity in the following area.
A range of charts and graphs will try to give you a snapshot of the realtime status of business process and expenses. It will consider the level of authority and access of each user to provide the visual reports.
Cabinet Cloud:
an intuitive yet advanced Cloud system to put all your files and retrieve whichever you want across all your devices. It enables you to overwrite the files without losing the older versions, so you can always refer back to the previous versions. It also let you share the resources with your college with a just a tap on your mobile screen.
a Cloud Tag system empowers your company to assign Material, Plants, Projects or even contacts to each file to give your employee an easy access to company's resources.
Human capital:
Request to Hire to Employee on-boarding /off-boarding.
Online Induction [ Company-wide / Project Specific]
HR Directory and information
- Qualification and Competencies
- Notify user before certificate expiration
- Employee Profile
- Policy and Procedures [ Company / Project / Renewals]
- Health Questionnaire [ Per site / Company / Renewals]
Plant and Equipment:
This module provides a directory that contains Images, tagget information (a unique QR code-based identifier).
- Plant profile is made up of maintenance records and registration details.
- Pre-Start (specific per Plant) is part of the complex e-forms to help meet the standards requirements of safety,
Quality, Environmental as well as keep accurate information on each individual plant for the maintenance team.
- Shift Report / Toolbox Meeting.
- Incident report
- Chemical / Material Directory [Images, Barcode Detection, SDS]
- Site inspection
- e-Purchase order
- logs / DSR
and many more.


  • Android Studio




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