Fourth Talent Management Conference - Helia Darvishi

Fourth Talent Management Conference

In the knowledge economy, the discussion of management and the development of talent is one of the key concepts that identifies, upgrades, develops and maintains talent. Today, information technology has had a significant impact on the talent management process both in organizations and in society, and even on the educational system of the country.
The Fund for the Support of Researchers and Technologists in the country has been organizing a talent management conference in the third millennium. The focus of the conference is on the fostering of a talented and talented generation in the world of modern technology. The advancement of IT has paved the way for talent management. The conference identifies potential and actual talents, new approaches to talent identification and talent, and the role of IT in talent planning and management. It should be noted that the attendance of the participants is mandatory in both days. The enthusiasts can apply for registration at the conference site and pay for the registration and attendance at the conference.

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