DaftarYar - Uche Kenneth emeh


June 2017 - October 2017

DaftarYar is the Managers Planning Management System, workspaces can be added to the office system indefinitely, which can include any type of office.
1-Event Management
2- Manage meetings
You can easily configure the session in the system and add people or groups to the meeting to send them an SMS containing session information, and the manager himself will get a reminder SMS an hour prior to the session.
- Manage appointments
You can record appointments that you have with the manager in the system to remind the manager
2-Work Referrals
- Any manager can consider assigning their own employees and referring them to do the job within the specified time frame and send their work report to the manager.
- The manager can respond to the submitted report so that the expert can continue working after receiving the manager's response.
- Finally, when approving the work report, the manager gives a score based on the report he received and the project delivery time.
- Can be defined in the service system and assign an expert responsible for that service
- Experts can respond to services or request documentation
- Experts can refer the request to another expert
4-Office Phonebook
- It is possible to register people for meeting with the manager within the organization or outside the organization in the system.
- People who specialize on the same division can be grouped in the same category to be invited to one-on-one meetings and so they are easily accessible.
5. Notes
- The timed notes system can be recorded to remind the manager at a specific time and date


  • android xml
  • kotlin
  • Android Studio
  • cPanel
  • PHP
  • Laravel Framework


DigitalOcean cloud server
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