Carbon - Uche Kenneth emeh


February 2019 - June 2019

The Carbon app is a Utilities platform that has the following features.
Android app:
1- List of services
2- My orders include open / expired / canceled orders
3-My Addresses
4-The wallet
5- Get a prize
6- Support
7-About us
Management Panel:
1- Work Calendar section (display orders in monthly / weekly and daily consolidation)
2-Orders section (Split-Open Orders-Completed Orders-Canceled Orders)
3- Service department
3-1: Type (grouping cars by specified type)
3-2: Car Management
3-3: Managing Services (Adding and Managing Car Wash and Auction Pricing Services)
4-Manage business days for customer order registration
5-Customer management (based on active-inactive-blocked-customers and total users)
6-Discount Codes (Manage discount codes and add new discount codes based on percentage and price reductions and manage start and end times of discounts and manage orders registered with discount codes)
7-Personnel management (including employee management and system managers)
8-Turnover Reports
9-Reports(in excel format)
10- Advertising Manager (in the online payment section)


  • Adobe XD
  • Laravel Framework
  • PHP
  • Java
  • android xml
  • Android Studio


DigitalOcean cloud server
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