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Persian Date Picker

February 2018 Until now

Modifying babakhani library on github and added these features:
* Added an option for developer to choose the picker type (single or from/to picker).
* Added range highlighting for from/to pickers.
* Less intialize codes are needed (no need to call 2 functions for each from or to picker)
* By choosing a date, the picker will update the closest hidden input (useful for dotnet devlopers).
* UI improvements and Added Eligasht theme.
Note: these features are not published yet and they are added to the existing library written by reza babakhani.

Resume Arya Aghaei Arya Aghaei Software Development Expert


  • core
  • Asp.Net Mvc
  • scss
  • sass
  • jQuery
  • javascript
  • mustache
  • persian date
  • datepicker
  • babakhani picker



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