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The Sama application and site (Iranian Poultry System), the place for the free publication of the types of advertisements and the need for eggs and items related to this class.
With Sama, anywhere in the country you are in the shortest time, sell your product or find eggs and other items you want to buy.
You can use the Sema app to receive and provide services and sales related to the chicken and egg industry.
For manufacturers:
Take pictures of your product.
Place the photo and description in an ad on the Sama system.
In the shortest time, the buyer is suitable because most of the manufacturers and distributors associated with the class are in the system.
For buyers:
Go to registered ads.
Find the right item from the ads according to the photo and description.
Call the seller by telephone or telegram.
Some Sama Advantages:
       Free ad insertion
       24-hour support at 7 days a week
       Convenience and ease of use
       Buying and Selling Plan in Iran


  • Volley
  • XML
  • Android Studio
  • Java



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