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Sajjad Rad

Game Developer, Filmmaker, VFX Artist

About me

I worked in Art industries like Game Developing, Filmmaking, VFX and Photography for years, as a job or just for fun. Among all these, game development has always helped me to tell my story in the best way possible, so in 2018 I started again to develop games.


  • Backend Development,
  • Team Work,
  • Photography,
  • Problem Solving,
  • VFX,
  • 2D Animation,
  • Game Level Design

Software Skills

  • After Effects,
  • Photoshop,
  • Laravel,
  • MySQL,
  • Docker,
  • GRPC,
  • MongoDB,
  • CI CD,
  • Source Film Maker

Language Skills

  • Persian,
  • English

Work Experience

  • December 2015 Until now
    Co-founder, Software Engineer
    ● Provide web/mobile app development solutions
    ● Designed and developed a website for Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran
  • Twist

    September 2019 to September 2021
    Software Engineer
    ● Involved in the design & implementation of microservices & APIs for an online Game service API platform using Golang, Kafka as broker, Redis as cache, gRPC, docker, MySQL & protobuf.
    ● Involved in design, documentation & development of 6 microservices using Golang:
    - AuthN & AuthZ users using JWT token
    - Deliver messages on driver-supported channels (like email & notification) to the end-user
    - Manage & schedule game tournaments
    - Query users scores as the leaderboard
    - Manage game & users achievements
    - Manage users' inventory & store items, handle purchase pipeline (except payment process), & invoice system.
    ● Developed the Golang & PHP SDKs to use in the games to interact with the platform API.
    ● Developed the front-store app using Laravel
    ● Implemented the end-user event channel (like balance update) using Websocket.
    ● Implemented the Admin Panel for the whole services using Laravel.
    ● Worked on an app to manage all microservices in the admin using k8s APIs(not implemented)
  • January 2017 to February 2019
    Remote Web Developer
    Developed an application using Laravel, MySQL, Redis as queue & deployed on AWS for a private company to:
    ● Send digital content of sold products on the store (like digital music albums of physical version) using Shopify API via email
    ● Manage & deliver digital products sold on Shopify or local stores via email (like game CD-KEYs)
    ● Manage digital contents download (hosted on AWS with restrictions & expiration)
    ● Manage & track inventory products from different stores supporting "inventory checking" process (online Shopify stores & local stores)
    ● Export Sales & marketing reports to online charts, CSV, PDF & excel files (aggregation from all stores)
  • June 2015 to December 2015
    Technical Team Lead
    I was responsible for:
    ● Managing the technical team
    ● Designing & engineering software for the clients
  • June 2012 to June 2015
    Web Developer, Game Developer
    ● Worked on an FPS 3D game (Jungle Warrior):
    - Level Designing all 5 levels of the game using Unreal Engine
    - Directed & edited the cutscene videos & the game trailers
    - Designed & developed the game main menu using Adobe Flash & Actionscript
    - Sound programming using C#

    ● Worked on the core of an online strategic game using PHP
    ● Designed & developed the company website template using WordPress, HTML & CSS
    ● Developed a web mini-game for the company home page
    ● Developed a mobile application for the game media industry to review Android games


  • Payame Noor University (Distance Education)

    September 2009 to January 2014
    Bachelor, Computer Software Engineering


  • Relationship status

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