Sajjad Rad Sajjad Rad

Software Engineer

Software engineer with 7+ years of experience in software industry with knowledge of design, documentation, development, testing, and delivery of projects focusing on efficiency and scalability.


Web Development
Backend Development
Team Work
Software Engineering
API Design
Problem Solving

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React Native

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Co-founder, Software Engineer
● Provide web/mobile app development solutions
● Designed and developed a website for Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran


Co-founder, Product Manager, Developer
● Developed since prototype and now it serves more than 100k happy users worldwide.
● Responsible for product backend & maintenance, engineering, API design, and day-to-day improvements.
● Provided marketing solutions for user base growth and customer satisfaction that resulted in significant revenue.


Software Engineer
● Involved in the design & implementation of microservices & APIs for an online Game service API platform using Golang, Kafka as broker, Redis as cache, gRPC, docker, MySQL & protobuf.
● Involved in design, documentation & development of 6 microservices using Golang:
- AuthN & AuthZ users using JWT token
- Deliver messages on driver-supported channels (like email & notification) to the end-user
- Manage & schedule game tournaments
- Query users scores as the leaderboard
- Manage game & users achievements
- Manage users' inventory & store items, handle purchase pipeline (except payment process), & invoice system.
● Developed the Golang & PHP SDKs to use in the games to interact with the platform API.
● Developed the front-store app using Laravel
● Implemented the end-user event channel (like balance update) using Websocket.
● Implemented the Admin Panel for the whole services using Laravel.
● Worked on an app to manage all microservices in the admin using k8s APIs(not implemented)

Mark It As Done

Remote Web Developer
Developed an application using Laravel, MySQL, Redis as queue & deployed on AWS for a private company to:
● Send digital content of sold products on the store (like digital music albums of physical version) using Shopify API via email
● Manage & deliver digital products sold on Shopify or local stores via email (like game CD-KEYs)
● Manage digital contents download (hosted on AWS with restrictions & expiration)
● Manage & track inventory products from different stores supporting "inventory checking" process (online Shopify stores & local stores)
● Export Sales & marketing reports to online charts, CSV, PDF & excel files (aggregation from all stores)

NIG Studio

Technical Team Lead
I was responsible for:
● Managing the technical team
● Designing & engineering software for the clients

NIG Studio

Web Developer, Game Developer
● Worked on an FPS 3D game (Jungle Warrior):
- Level Designing all 5 levels of the game using Unreal Engine
- Directed & edited the cutscene videos & the game trailers
- Designed & developed the game main menu using Adobe Flash & Actionscript
- Sound programming using C#

● Worked on the core of an online strategic game using PHP
● Designed & developed the company website template using WordPress, HTML & CSS
● Developed a web mini-game for the company home page
● Developed a mobile application for the game media industry to review Android games


● Designed database & developed a windows application using C#, SQL Server, SQLite for real estate management (+2000 users) (our team contains two developers).
● Designed database & developed an accounting windows application for a company in the print industry using C# & SQL Server


Payame Noor University (Distance Education)

Computer Software Engineering

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