Shahriyar Jamali Kapk Shahriyar Jamali Kapk
Shahriyar Jamali Kapk

Shahriyar Jamali Kapk

زندگی بسیار ارزشمند است،برایش تلاش کنیم،مبارزه کنیم،تا آنچه که میخواهیم بدست آوریم،هیچ چیزی ساده بدست نمی آید.

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Shahriyar Jamali Kapk the writer,idea presenter,programmer,graphic designer Nationality:Iranian Date of birth: 4 oct 1990 Activities: page designing,book cover,brand and logos,festival graphic,packing,poster,environment,artistic and innovation management,brochure and catalogue,industrial advertisement photographs,monitoring and controlling print process,typography and scence making... Graphic designing for some political persons in Iran Graphic designing for poster and albums for some famous Iranian musician Graphic designing for social medias Presenting new ideas and graphic logos for public and private organizations Presenting some award winning and innovative posters in national festivals Participating in professional meetings and exhibits


  • Idea Presenter
  • Photoshop
  • writer
  • Xara Designer
  • Typography
  • Calligraphy
  • corel
  • Illustrator

سوابق کاری

    • Personal Graphic Designer

    • GraphicDesigner

    • آخرین پروژه‌های اجراء شده - مجموعه غزلیات حضرت مولانا " تایپوگرافی"

سوابق تحصیلی

    • Islamic Azad University

    • computer - software


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